Selected Articles and Reviews

2019 Conscientious Photography Magazine: by Jörg M. Colberg

2019 The Heavy Collective: Interview

2019 Works from The Passenger's Present published in Bungakukai

2016 Il y a de l'autre, éditions Textuel, 2016: by Agnès Geoffray and Julie Jones

2016 IMA 2016 Summer Vol. 16, The Passenger's Present: Interview

2016 Contact Sheet 186: Miki Soejima, The Passenger's Present: by Shane Lavalette

2016 IMA English edition Vol.1, From the casual to the conceptual: Appropriation in Japanese photography: by Marc Feustel

2015 Elephant Magazine #24 - Autumn 2015, Photography & Anthropology: by Michael Mack, Izabella Scott, Duncan Whyte & Lewis Chaplin

2015 IMA online, Taka's Photo Talk Vol.3: by Taka Kawachi

2014 The Photobook: A History Volume III: by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger

2013 Interview, First Book Award 2012, The secret artist behind Mrs. Merryman's Collection: by Izabella Scott

2013 IMA 2013 Spring Vol. 3, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection: by Kenichi Eguchi

2012 Foam #33 Trip, The Surrealist’s Grand Tour: by Adam Bell

2012 TIME - LightBox, Picks the Photobooks We Loved in 2012

2012 British Journal of Photography #14, Best books of 2012 by Martin Parr

2012 Orwell, Mandel & Sultan, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection, La fotografia anonima: un archivio di fantasmi: by Fabio Severio

2012 The Photobook Review, aperture, Anne Sophie Merryman: by Diran Sirinian

2012 Le Monde, M Blogs, Une photo à Paris Photo : la collection mystère de Mrs. Merryman: by Claire Guillot

2012 Le Monde 18th Nov, Galeries Spécial Paris Photo

2012 Photograph, Photobooks: by Vince Aletti

2012 Photo-eye blog, Mrs. Merryman's Collection: by Adam Bell

2012 Creative Review, CR Blog, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection: by Mark Sinclair

2012 Hotshoe, Mrs. Merryman’s Collection: by Sophie Balhetchet

2012 BBC News, In Pictures, Mrs. Merryman’s postcards: by Phil Coomes

2012 Le nouvel Observateur, Obsession, Les cartes postales d’une grand-mère: by Joseph Ghosn